About McKenney Interiors
A Family Owned Upholstery Business Serving the Entire Metro D.C. Area since 1976

At the age of 13, a death in the family forced Len McKenney to find a part-time job sweeping floors and delivering furniture for Baity’s Upholstery in Hampton, VA. Finding himself in the company of “old world” craftsmen, he developed an appreciation and love for repairing and recovering quality furniture. The following summer he was employed by a furniture factory in Texas, learning the intricacies of furniture design, construction and manufacture. He finished his “apprenticeship” at ABC Upholstery in Hampton, VA.

Upon graduation from high school, Len and his step father purchased ABC Upholstery and formed a sucessful family business. Soon afterward, Len was drawn to the Williamsburg area, seeking more challenging and intricate work, in restoration and antiques using the skills he had developed. He opened a shop there, doing work for the Jamestown Historical Foundation. This association helped further his knowledgde and skills in the fine art of antique restoration.

In 1976, Len moved his business to Northern Virginia, and renamed it McKenney Interiors. Shortly thereafter, Len forged a relationship with Rick Andrews, a local architect. Thru this relationship, Len was introduced to Clyde’s Restaurant Group. For almost 3 decades, McKenney Interiors has proudly been the primary upholstery for Clyde’s 14 restaurant chain, known for it’s spectacular authentic decor.

Operating a small business, gives Len the opportunity to provide personal service to his customers and additionally controlling the quality of all the products produced at McKenney Interiors.

Recently, after exhibiting the necessary skill and attention to detail required to maintain the McKenney family standard, Len’s son “Buddy” has finished his apprenticeship and has joined the firm, insuring quality “old world craftsmanship” that will continue for another generation in the McKenney family.

Call us today at 703-938-0611 or visit our Vienna showroom. We reupholster all furniture whether it is antique or modern. We take great pride in our work and provide quality workmanship.