McKenney Interiors did upholstery service for a client in Ashburn.  This Ashburn client regularly goes to the Clyde’s restaurant in Ashburn.  He noticed the beautifully upholstered furniture in the Ashburn Clydes and saw our quality work.  He was impressed and promptly called us.  McKenney Interiors picked up his sofa from Belmont, Ashburn and returned it to his new residence in Broadlands, Ashburn.  Our client in Ashburn is very pleased with our services.  Here is a testimonial from an client in Ashburn. 

Dear Mr. Len McKenney,

Your upholstery work exceeded my expectations.  I was very impressed with your prompt service and quality work.  You have so many fabric choices to choose from and you offered so many suggestions on the upholstery design. Thank you for all your help!  Your work is much appreciated.